Contract Services Corp.


Architecture is not a science, it’s an art.  It’s subjective.  Every architect has a different idea.  When it comes to detailing and engineering, information is not fully provided or properly requested.  Therefore, by their very nature, contract documents are often incomplete, incorrect.  On the jobsite, these little glitches can result in construction complications that can really eat up time, energy and money for your superintendent, your project manager, your team, and your projects.

Your complicated miscellaneous fabrications are our business:

  • Architectural Exposed Steel
  • Architectural Supports
  • Stairs & Railing Systems
  • Ladders, Platforms and Safety Devices
  • Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Hatches

When it comes to miscellaneous fabricated materials, components and specialty buy-out items, we provide problem solutions customized to the project to save time, and provide value to your client, and your company.  Our “Can Do” team provides remarkable creativity, solutions and incredible maturity to your construction program delivery.

We’re not just an auxiliary fabricator.  We are your production partner. We deliver a complete and comprehensive package to provide your team with specialized knowledge during all critical stages – when your schedule is also the bottom line.